Q: I am planning a visit to Jamaica. Can you help me?
A: Great! Jamaica is a wonderful country to visit and has many sites of Jewish interest. Please fill out our form and we will try to give you advise.

Q: Are there really Jews in Jamaica? Where did they come from anyway?
A: Yes there are. We have been here for more than 360 years! Click here to find out more about our History.

Q: Were there really Jewish pirates in Jamaica?
A: Well, we will leave it to you to find out but there are skull and crossbones figures on graves in the Hunts Bay cemetery, the oldest Jewish cemetery on the island. It is actually the oldest cemetery of any type in Jamaica.

Q: When does the congregation have religious services?
A: We hold Kabbalat Shabbat services every Friday night at 530 PM and Shabbat morning services every Saturday morning at 10 AM.

Q: Does the congregation have its own prayer book?
A: Yes, Rabbi Henry Silverman designed a siddur in 1935 to blend our Spanish-Portuguese heritage with modern practices from the British Reform, British Liberal, and American Reform movements. It has been edited repeatedly since then and is currently in its 7th edition.

Q: Is it true that you have a new Rabbi?
A: Yes, Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan, who joined us in September 2011. A friendly and outgoing person, he is the first ordained rabbi to lead the community in 33 years. You can reach him via his email .

Q: Do you have other congregational activities?
A: Yes, we have many educational and social programs. You can download our newsletter from the home page to find out exactly what is happening.

Q: I am seeking to learn more about my Jewish Jamaican roots, who should I address?
A: Please contact us via the Contact Us page and share information that you think may be relevant. We will do our best to guide you.


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