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For almost 10 years, the Jewish children of all age groups in the community have met once a week at Hillel Academy. Started by Marilyn Delevante and conducted by Margaret Adam, a teacher at Hillel and a member of the congregation, donations of books and materials were gladly accepted from synagogues abroad to enhance the programme.Weekly activities vary according to the Festivals, Holidays and weekly Torah portions. There’s learning circle for all sorts of lessons, stories and discussions, as well as arts and crafts, cooking, music and dancing.

Star Club participates in Shabbat services at synagogue and the Young People’s Services on Yom Kippur. Community outreach activities, Channukah and Purim parties, Lag B’Omer bonfires, Passover Seders, and tree planting for Tu B’Shevat all have their roots in this little gathering each week.

The Israel Shaliach, visiting Lubavitch Shluchim and resident Israelis all add their flavour to the learning experience.

Children wishing to join us (not necessarily Hillel pupils), please contact us with your request.

If you wish to donate educational materials or time to star club, please contact us.

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