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United Congregation of Isrealites
in Kingston Jamaica
All Rights Reserved.
"Dear Jewish Community,
As a part of my Jewish studies to prepare for my Bar-Mitzvah, I would like to ask for your help with my assignment. I am planning to make a tzedakah project.

Tzedakah is righteousness. It is the obligation of every single person. There are many commandments that come under the classification of tzedakah and ultimately all of the Mitzvot come under the commandment to emulate the almighty. Just as the almighty takes care of us though we are less than perfect, likewise we are commanded to take care of humanity. That is Tzedakah.

In my project, I will like to donate food to less fortunate people. I will be collecting dried goods (any sort of packed food that can be eaten without cooking is good), in a special box at synagogue this Saturday. Please bring your donations to service. The box will remain at the hall next to the synagogue all week long.
I hope that all of you will kindly make a donation for this important outreach to charity. Thank you.

Adam Henriques"

To assist with more Tzedakah projects anf for further information,
please contact us