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» January 12–14, 2010
“The Jewish Diaspora of the Caribbean”
International Conference

Leading experts from the United States, Jamaica, Israel and France will explore such topics as Atlantic trading networks, cultural history including architecture, music, and religion, as well as Jewish/Portuguese identity.
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» What's really happening in Israel?
Now we can follow exactly what is going on in land that we love.
Israel's largest newspaper, Yediot Acharonot, has released a comprehensive News website in English, Updating 24/7. This website allows us to view the different faces of Israel, which we usually do not see on TV. From hot News through Israeli Culture and Lifestyle to Jewish Dating... Take a look today.
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» Jewish Pirates in Jamaica
My editor was firm: Pirates of the Caribbean movies made a billion “so we’ll call your book Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean.”

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» A Family History
Jews resided in Jamaica from before the English conquest in 1665. The Hunts Bay cemetery is very old; and is in fact the oldest cemetery of any denomination in the island.

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